Our Services

Bilingual Medical Assistance (House Call) by general practitioners 24 hours 7 days a week.
Bilingual Specialty Medical Assistance in the specialist’s office and Local Hospitals.

Doctor and man shaking hands - Medecar
• Our specialties service was created to offer high quality assistance with experienced medical specialists in their field and in tourist assistance without the need to go into an emergency room, thus avoiding unnecessary hospital protocols and costs.
Nurse holding medicine - Medecar
• As part of our services we provide patient guidance for the purchase of their oral medications by coordinating the delivery of these in the room, with the supervision of the treating physician to ensure that these are the ones prescribed.
Nurse taking notes - Medecar
• Our service and assistance protocols allow us to exceed the patient’s expectations, thus achieving a satisfactory experience, providing security and tranquility to the traveler.
Nurse using cellphone - Medecar
• The attendance time when the call is received until the doctor arrives to the room is 1 hour average.
Doctor giving information - Medecar
• Once we get the contact information of the patient we call to know directly from de passenger the problem, to inform the waiting time and to provide some advise meanwhile the doctor arrives.